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I never realized how completely static and lifeless my art feels now that I can’t post on dA…I didn’t think I’d rely on other peoples’ opinions so much, but I guess…

…I really hope they decide to give my account back. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t…I mean, it’s not just posting art that I miss. I could care less if people want their eyes burned by my fail shit. But I really miss being able to comment. I’ve seen some truly amazing art since I got banned and it’s feels so empty when I can’t tell them how great it is. It’s so tempting to make another account, but I know that won’t help my appeal, so I can’t. I’ve never done anything wrong on dA before this…maybe they’ll give me another chance, knowing that…

Also. Thanks to the people that followed me from my dA account. It really means a lot. And also thank you to the people who have forgiven me for what I did…I love you guys. Where would I be without you? That’s a hint to answer.

Where do you think I’d be without my friends?

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  1. hopelessobsession answered: maaybee you could.. hm.. make a new account? really. its not the end of the world.
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